Dr. Arnon Blum, CEO

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Entrepreneur with over 20 years in management experience. focuses on developing, launching and running new tech-companies mainly in the energy and battery sector

Arnon holds Ph.D. in Electrochimstry and MBA 

Dr. Meital Goor, Battery Expert 

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Over 10 years experience of R&D in and lithium-ion batteries, capacitors, and fuel-cells. including  the development and characterization of advanced materials 

Meital holds Ph.D. in Electrocemistry


Prof. Emanuel Peled

World leader in the area of batteries, fuel cells and energy conversion chemistry, awarded numerous prizes over his discoveries. Serves as professor at Tel-Aviv University

Prof. Diana Golodnitsky

Expert on synthesis, characterization of materials and study of ion-transport phenomena in new nanostructured electrodes  for energy-storage devices. Serves as professor at Tel-Aviv University

Prof. Fernando Patolsky

Expert in  Nano materials synthesis  in advanced methods in solid/liquid/gas states and Chemo Physical characterization. Serves as professor at Tel-Aviv University


The first stage of funding for taking the technology from idea to a technology demonstrator  was made by Tel Aviv University Technology Innovation Momentum Fund run by Ramot the Business Engagement of TAU


Arnon Blum